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Elementary and Middle School

The Elementary & Middle School of Maple Leaf International Academy – Shenzhen adheres to the educational philosophy of Maple Leaf Education Systems, which is “blend the best of east and west to implement a quality education”. The school constantly develops and constructs its curriculum and extends it to every field of student growth. Its first-class Chinese and International courses provide a guarantee for students to seamlessly enter the Maple Leaf high school BC program in the future.

The English courses are various, including English Language Art, Math, Science, PE, IT and STEM plus many more. These courses lay a good foundation in language, thinking and subject based knowledge for students to enter the high school BC program. English Language Art greatly helps students to master various reading skills required by the high school BC program. Students will learn fiction reading, information article reading, and basic English poetry reading and writing. Math and science courses teach basic subject vocabulary, and cultivate students’ creative thinking and critical thinking. In addition to teaching basic skills, physical education classes also include the sports events and skills that are required by the high school BC program. With STEM, it is very helpful to cultivate students’ practical ability and creative thinking.

The national curriculum is extremely flexible and is constantly being updated and optimized for the student’s direct benefit. In addition to regular Chinese classes, Traditional Chinese Studies is also included in the curriculum. Morality Class is a life experience lesson that integrates with etiquette, gratitude, safety and happiness which promotes the overall wellbeing of the student. Music Class has a ‘music masterpiece appreciation’ element along with ancient poetry songs to strengthen rhythm training. The Chinese curriculum is designed to enable students to build a solid foundation in Chinese culture to become a citizen with Chinese national awareness, cultural confidence and a wide ranging international perspective.

In addition, there are also a wide range of activity classes. For instance, there are science and technology courses, such as UAV, Aircraft Modeling, Simulated Aviation, 3D Printing and Creative Chemistry. There are art courses, such as Piano, Dancing, Artistic Gymnastics, Traditional Chinese Painting, Creative Art. Also, there are sports courses, such as Golf, Swimming, Football, Basketball and Chess. For skills courses, there are Baking, Pottery and Handicrafts. And furthermore, there are English activity classes which include English drama, Film Appreciation and Dubbing, English clinics, etc,. All these activity classes provide students with unlimited possibilities to recognize themselves, develop their personality and enhance their individual specialties.