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Maple Leaf International Academy – Shenzhen (MLIA-Sz) is the first of its kind in the Maple Leaf Educational System.  Maple Leaf is the largest private school system in China and upholds the educational philosophy of “Blending the Best Education of both East and the West” in helping students attain their dreams and creating a “World of Opportunity” for their future.  As the first Maple Leaf Academy, MLIAS will offer the core Maple Leaf curriculum but will add even more benefits for students and families to each of these strong programs.

As an approved, overseas program registered with the Ministry of Education of BC, Canada, students in Grades 10-12 participate in the British Columbia Graduation Program. This is the same, rich and challenging educational program taken by students in British Columbia, Canada with the same graduation requirements and where successful students are awarded the same BC High School “Dogwood” diploma as students in BC. This is a highly recognized and accepted credential which can be used to apply for Top Universities all over the world including the UK, Australia, Canada, USA among many others..

Students are taught in English 80% of the time by British Columbia certified teachers who are highly qualified in their subject areas. British Columbia teachers are certified by the Teacher Regulation Branch of British Columbia (TRB) and have a Bachelor of Education degree and/or other educational experience to meet the standards of the BC TRB and the Independent School Act of BC.

At the Academy, students will complete an accelerated Graduation program with the goal of having most requirements completed in the first two years.  The program is enriched to allow students to complete five (5) Advanced Placement (AP) courses by the end of Year 3, and will also be prepared to write the SAT in readiness for their university applications. Alsol, Academy students will be able to design a program of Academy electives in an area of interest and have the opportunity to have a work experience or cooperative learning placement in Year 3 to gain valuable practical experience.

Shenzhen ‘Maple Leafers’ will join more than 14,000 graduates from Maple Leaf schools and carry forward the Maple Leaf’s spirit of “Striving for Educational Excellence and Being the Best We can Be”. Our goal is to provide a first-class education, in a first-class environment, so that students can achieve their academic and life dreams.


Come and join us!



Glenn K. Borthistle, Principal of BC Program