The Maple Leaf International School Admission Process

With over 36,500 students enrolled in more than 90 schools across 22 cities at our schools around the world, MLES provides our substantial body of elite and gifted students with an exciting as well as rewarding learning journey like no other. We are delighted that you as parents or a family member is considering our first-class international school to apply.

Here are highlights of key information you will find on our international school application page:

By appointment with our team, a comprehensive school tour is available for individual families and groups, where we will share our school culture, vision, academics and our international school application procedures. Parents and family members can take note of key dates and our admissions policy as they prepare to go through their application process. More importantly, we would like to draw your attention to the Admission Criteria page where we detail our admissions requirements for prospective students looking to join us.

A school tuition fee schedule is available on the School Fees page for the highlighted academic year. Please do note that all fees are shown in RMB, with deposit and balance due listed to be paid before specific dates. Upon completing the admission processes and receiving an offer letter, students are required to pay a non-refundable deposit within 3 weeks to confirm their acceptance. Please also note that it is not mandated for families to purchase debentures for admissions in our school, or any of our Maple Leaf international schools, at any time during our Chinese international school application procedure.

On this international school admission page, you can find information on the scholarship schemes we have in place for students of our international school to apply. To learn more, you may refer to the Scholarship Scheme page.

At any time during our online international school admission process, simply click “Apply Now” to start the admissions process. Also, please take note of the General Notes and Technical Notes for our Chinese international school admission procedures.

We are most looking forward to welcoming you and your child here at MLES!