Programs and Curriculum

Elementary School

To help our bright, young minds develop in the best environment, our acclaimed international primary school program offers various benefits for students looking to embark on a first-class academic journey:

    1. ­­­­­The solid academic foundation of the Chinese compulsory education curriculum and the outstanding English curriculum of Maple Leaf international primary school Shenzhen are blended together in an active and engaging learning model that includes a focus on the traditional Chinese culture. At this crucial period of student life, our international bilingual primary school teaches our students to embrace modern learning in a cultured setting that embraces traditional values.
    2. At Maple Leaf International Academy – Shenzhen, we deliver an advanced international primary curriculum that places particular emphasis on the ongoing development of a students’ English language proficiency. As part of their regular academic routine, our students study 10 English classes per week with 5 taught by native English-speaking teachers.
    3. We offer many unique specialty courses and activities in a creative environment, which undoubtedly broadens the minds and provides a strong foundation for future top scholars.
    4. MLES elementary schools inspire students’ interests and help cultivate positive learning routines that all contribute to a lifelong love of learning.

Key highlights of our international primary school:

    • Offering an integrated and sophisticated curriculum that blends the solid academic foundation of the Chinese compulsory education with the highly regarded Canadian British Columbia education system.
    • English education is delivered through the whole educational process at our international primary school in China. Teaching and the management of classes is carried out by a professional and experienced body of international and Chinese teachers working in tandem.
    • Delivering an advanced elementary and middle school education program that emphasizes developing English language proficiency.
    • Adding many specialty courses, practical courses and activities in an active school-based curriculum. These are designed to meet students’ individual learning needs, possible interests, and to provide a solid foundation for future achievement and success in real life.
    • MLES elementary schools inspire students to explore their interests and cultivate positive learning routines to encourage a lifelong interest in gaining new knowledge and experiences.