Programs and Curriculum

High School

Both challenging and rewarding, our international high school curriculum is modelled on the internationally-renowned BC high school programme, ensuring students will benefit from:

    1. A unique academic opportunity that exists at our international high school in Shenzhen, which provides the benefits of an international Canadian curriculum, while maintaining close connections with the twin pillars of Chinese culture and family values.
    2. The advantages of completing both a Chinese high school diploma and a Canadian high school diploma concurrently.
    3. The carefully-designed BC Program on offer at each Maple Leaf high school is led by a highly experienced BC principal. All courses at our school are taught by fully-qualified, BC-certified Canadian teachers on staff.
    4. A wide choice of elective courses, which allows students to choose classes based on their personal as well as academic interests.
    5. Advanced Placement (AP) courses and Canadian Academic English Language (CAEL) Assessment preparatory courses. This is another key advantage for students preparing for admission to elite universities and institutions around the world.

Our international school in Shenzhen offers:

    • A unique academic opportunity that provides the benefits of a Canadian curriculum while maintaining close connections with Chinese culture and family values.
    • The completion of dual high school diplomas – international high school China diploma, and BC high school diploma.
    • Highly-experienced principal and administrative team, with a full staff of highly qualified and certified international teachers throughout the academic journey.
    • A highly-regarded western education learning experience, provided by utilising original North American textbooks with BC Canada learning content being taught.
    • Curriculum contents strictly mandated by the BC Ministry of Education of Canada.
    • A wide variety of elective courses for our students to select based on their personal academic interests to complement their curriculum.
    • Advanced Placement (AP) courses as an additional advantage for students that are preparing for application to enter top universities and institutions globally.
    • A variety of enthusiastic, well-organised and high-end student clubs as well as societies that aim to develop students’ leadership, creativity and teamwork abilities.
    • Customized class timetable for individual students to comfortably meet their own learning needs, and take responsibility for their own time management.