Programs and Curriculum

Middle School

Carefully-crafted, and modelled for students to make a seamless transition into the BC high school program, our curriculum sets the standard for academic excellence in more ways than one:

  1. For students entering this final stage of the 9-year Chinese compulsory education, Maple Leaf international middle school adds a wide range of specialty courses and practical courses in an active school-based curriculum that is designed to meet students’ individual learning needs. A myriad of academic subjects are available for students’ selection, offering a wealth of learning opportunities and challenges for them to step out of their comfort zone.
  2. To support the ongoing success of our international middle school Shenzhen students to move seamlessly into the BC high school program, MLES supplements the international middle school China curriculum with additional science and academic English classes. We equip our students to be global-minded, while embracing modern learning and creativity.
  3. Our curriculum places special emphasis on nurturing positive personal, academic development, and always encouraging students to reach new heights. Specifically, we strive to encourage student enthusiasm and curiosity in a healthily disciplined learning environment. Consequently, our students rise to the occasion, often surpassing expectations – even their own. At MLES, we endeavour to maintain a high academic bar, and this is what sets our carefully-designed curriculum apart from other schools.
  4. Maple Leaf middle schools encourages the development of a positive attitude to learning in all students through a focus on the ‘Three Good Habits’: for learning, personal behaviour and living. This prepares our students to become responsible and well-rounded individuals as they develop their passions and pursuits in later-life.

All students at MLES enjoy the company of a diverse student body from multiple backgrounds, as well as first-class teachers and instructors on staff as they continue through their learning journey. At MLES, ee are confident in delivering a unique, and not to mention, exciting learning experience for all our students. Inspiring both excellence and development of character, we seek tirelessly to develop our international middle school curriculum to be the finest one offered in the country.