Programs and Curriculum

University Counselling

BC certified Academic Advisors work at each of our high schools to assist students in making academic choices to ensure that they are on track to meet their educational goals.

Our Graduation Consultants provide a trusted link between our students, their chosen university or college and the visa processing offices. Graduation Consultants also assist to identify high achieving students to meet their goals of admission to the world’s premier universities by providing academic advice, guidance and practical application preparation assistance.

Since 2005, Maple Leaf Educational Systems hosts an International Education Fair in November. Representatives of selected post-secondary institutions tour our high school campuses and meet face to face with our students and parents. This ‘EduFair’ has become one of the most direct, focused and cost-effective platforms for marketing and recruitment efforts among our students and parents.

Maple Leaf Educational Systems is cooperating with App-Ark Education to establish a new Ivy League Project in its high school campuses. The purpose of this project is to help top academic students achieve their dreams of entering the most prestigious universities in the world. The Ivy League Project will provide training from Grade 10-12 to best prepare students. The ultimate goal is to prepare the students for success in achieving admission into these ‘premier’ organisations and to fulfill their dreams.